2022 Quilt – “Lone Star”, queen-size. Tickets for the raffle are available from the quilters. If you want tickets, contact Althea Hahn at 610-398-1665, Donna Snyder, Karen Rex, Susan DeJesus, Michele Quier, Barbara Moyer, Marlene Ritter or Gloria Hausman. Winner will be chosen on December 10th at the Christmas Cookie Sale. Ticket prices are one for $2.00 or 3 for $5. There are 6 prizes. First prize is the quilt, Wreath, 2 pots with greens is #2, Butterfly Glassware is #3, Asst. Cards from Original Paintings is #4, Crocheted Tree Skirt is #5, $25 Cash is #6.


Don’t miss out on this beautiful quilt! 




2021 Quilt was “Americana”



2019 Quilt was “Bridges and Barns”

2018 Quilt – “Hummingbirds”, a queen size quilt was won by Keith Quier of Danielsville. Ann Wertman was lucky and won the afghan and pillows made by Karen Rex.

This is our 2018 Hummingbirds Quilt.

Our 2017 Quilt

This was the quilt “Lovers Knot” that our ladies finished and was raffled in 2017.


Our 2016 quilt is finished thanks to our wonderful quilters pictured above — Donna Snyder, Karen Rex, Barbara Moyer, Michele Quier, Gloria Hausman, Sally Drabick and Althea Hahn.